Thank you very much for the 2022 summer season!

We are recharging our batteries for the coming winter season 2022/23 and are taking a short break.
Hotel & Restaurant will therefore remain closed

From 9 December 2022 we will be back for you!

For bookings we are always available during the season break, gladly by phone or e-mail.

See you soon, Family Thurner from the Pitztaler Hof

Unbuckle your ski boots or kick off your hiking boots: After an eventful day in the mountains, you have more than earned a bit of relaxation. At the Pitztaler Hof, enjoy our spacious wellness area with saunas, massage studio and good vibes.

A time out

For body and mind

Warmth envelops you as soon as you enter. The saunas exude a stimulating aroma of Swiss stone pine, chamomile or summer apple. Soft light falls through the large opaque windows. Take a quick look around... there is bound to be a heated bench, an armchair or a lounger free for you somewhere, so that your hours of leisure can begin...

Opening hours wellness area

daily from 3:00 to 7:30 pm

Opening hours massage studio

By appointment

Enjoy wellness from head to toe

The massage studio awaits

Our healing masseuse Nadine will spoil you with soothing treatments that are individually tailored to your needs. From foot reflexology to a partial or full massage, fango, moxa therapy, lymphatic drainage or taping, there is something here for everyone. After a brief personal consultation, close your eyes and enjoy.

To receive treatments on your desired date, please make an appointment in good time at the reception or via email.

for body, mind & soul.
Overview of our massages.

Full massage

Increases circulation and relieves pain and tension

  • 50 minutes for € 55,00

Partial massage

Increases circulation and relieves pain and tension

  • 20 minutes for € 30,00

Foot reflexology

Activates the body's self-healing powers through various reflex zones

  • 20 minutes for € 38,00

Relaxation massage

Gentle massage techniques with relaxing oils

  • 20 minutes for € 30,00


Against ailments of any kind, special cigars with mugwort - brings balance to body and mind

  • 20 minutes for € 38,00


Heat treatment with peat

  • 25 minutes for € 23,00 per plate

Lymphatic Drainage

Support for the lymphatic system, for easy drainage and detoxification of the body, strengthening of the immune system

  • 20 Minuten um € 38,00
  • 50 Minuten um € 62,00

Ear candles

Indian relaxation ceremony, soothing and calming

  • € 27,00

Ear candle therapy with facial lymphatic drainage

  • 50 minutes for € 60,00

Back and foot reflexology massage

  • 50 minutes for € 65,00

Cupping therapy

For the treatment of connective tissue, fascia and muscles. Especially for detoxification of the body.

  • 20 minutes for € 30,00

Kinesiology Tape

  • Small for € 10,00
  • Large for € 15,00
Warmth and tranquility

They’ll really do you good

Saunas & Steam Bath

Our Finnish sauna, organic sauna and steam bath will envelop you in a cloud of fragrances and gentle exfoliation. Whether fiery hot or pleasantly mild, the main thing is to sweat it out! Doing so cleanses the respiratory tract and skin, boosts the metabolism, and lifts the spirits.

Infrared cabin

This is the perfect cure for colds, tension, skin problems or rheumatism. Infrared rays warm the body slowly and evenly, promoting blood circulation, muscle regeneration, and the immune system. Discover the positive effects for your own body.

Relaxation room

Sometimes nothing is more valuable than silence. Snuggled in a comfortable recliner with a good book in hand or eyes closed, feel your body's batteries recharge. This is the perfect place to be following a sauna session or just to ground yourself for a few minutes.